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Strategically supporting our partners with cost effective, multilingual

and redundant solutions


InterCorps innovative, customized solutions provide our partners

with award winning, cost effective, contact center services. We

employ a process driven approach to design, implement, and

deliver customer centric communications one interaction at a time.


InterCorps offers many different types of customer interaction

solutions across many verticals including telecommunications,

cable and entertainment, retail and consumer goods, financial

services, travel and hospitality and home service products.


Those solutions include:


• Live Agent Support                                      • Email and Chat Solutions                                        • Self Service IVR

• Customer Care                                           • Customer Acquisition                                                • Business to Business Programs

• Bilingual Programs                                     • Retention and Activation Programs                         • Win-Back Programs

• Up-Sell and Cross-Sell                               • Satisfaction Surveys                                                 • Lead Generation and Qualification

• Help Desk Support                                     • Political Polling                                                          • Voice Messaging

• Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Start growing exponentially like your competitors! Our services offer a cost efficient approach that will improve your customer service operations and increase the bottom line. Allow us to take you to the next level!


Through our unique approach we create more value for your money. Contact us today for an easy and no hassle consultation about your needs and our services.


Quality of customer interactions (sales and/or service) has become a critical competitive factor in achieving customer satisfaction and loyalty which in turn delivers higher economic returns. How can organizations consistently achieve this?


Achieving "best-in-class" quality is not simply a matter of dropping in a piece of technology, but rather it requires a proven, disciplined

 on-going rigorous and comprehensive evaluative process that combines data and statistical analysis with expertise.


What would it be worth to your business if we could help you:


- Eliminate mistakes and defects?

- Raise operational performance?

- Achieve greater consistency across all locations?

- Enhance customer's experiences?

- Measure the impact of improvements?

- Reduce operational costs?

- Improve overall quality?


InterCorps offers organizations a one stop, neutral, turnkey solution for all your quality assurance needs across multiple centers or multiple campaigns. We offer independent third party evaluation whether we are managing in-house or outsourced vendor customer interactions.


InterCorps designs and deploys customized solutions, a dedicated quality assurance team, advanced knowledge and expertise. Client's get in-depth assessments and insights to logistically improve client customer experience levels.


InterCorps has successfully performed a wide range and variety of performance evaluations, analysis, information and result trending. Whether your customers reach you via chat, email or regular phone calls we can evaluate the performance in every channel of interaction.


InterCorps is able to evaluate the performance of multiple vendors so that decisions of how and where the customers are steered to when  contacting our clients are based upon real time performance results.


InterCorps customizable proprietary quality analysis system, allows for feedback and studies to be targeted to multiple audiences within client operations. Our constructive and positive feedback, as well as comparative analysis, delivers actionable initiatives to improve operation service levels. Our ability to capture and analyze service quality data quickly is essential to both your customers and company. We help clients resolve existing and potential problem while continuously improving your service levels.


We are easy to contact, just send us a question and one of our executives will give you a call immediately (click here)



GUA Phone: +502 4764 9832        USA Phone: +1 424 237 8844

GUA Phone: +502 3497 7111        USA Phone: +1 213 537 4899



165 S Spring St #122, Los Angeles, CA 90012, United States



240-222 Baseline Road # 301, Sherwood Park, Alberta T8H 1S8



20 Calle 22-80 Zona 10 Guatemala City, Guatemala 01010


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