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Send custom Text messages
Personalized text messages to specific lists(thousands). eg. John, this is John my family and i want to thank you for your business and wish you health and happiness to all your love ones
Digital Signature documents
Fill forms, e-sign, and share your documents
Call 10x faster
Easy upload your lists and our system starts calling one after another one.
Easy CRM
Forget complex customer relationship manager programs, we make it easy with labeling making your leads always easy to follow up.
Sync Technology
Just tap Sync and control your calls, updates, crm and sms from your desktop/pc/mac.With Sync control your calls, updates, crm and sms from your mobile(android/ios) and desktop(pc/mac).
There are things we can't ignore
Do we agree that?
The more calls the more you make
people just can't answer but they can read a text message
Can you denied that...
Time is money?
I think we all know that...
beign unorganized in business means waste of customers and money
Its better to...
be special and differentiate yourself from others

Call and add notes 20x faster we connect your PC with the phone, our sync technology allows you to control the flow of calls from any computer.

Send a personalized SMS after you selected NO ANSWER or CALL LATER this allows you to contact 3x more people and increases the chance of getting a hold with more leads.

Allows you to upload your logo in our selection of images, videos and in your own camera images.

Also with Web access create 3x faster your campaigns from any computer.



Allows you to create and control all your SMS campaings from the Web

"We are a team commited to bring you the best solutions to help you grow your business"

First Impressions Matter
Virtual Advansales Profile:
Our Mobile Digital Business Card will allow you to effortless market your contact information changing the way you share and present yourself to others
Full Customizable:
Change the color, picture, logo, links, phone numbers, address, company name and more under AdvanProfile in your account.
Easy Share:
One link and a mobile AdvanProfile have all your customer needs to know about you along with your social media
Your customers will be able to download your information and save it in their phone with one tap on the screen.
Fast edit:
Any time and your link will be updated
Responsive image
Responsive image
Name: Bryant M
Profession: CEO
Company: Advansales
Michael Bloomberg
Mayor of New York, Investor & Entrepreneur
"Getting the job done has been the basis for the success my company has achieved."
Mark Cuban
Billionaire businessman and investor
"Staying ahead of the game, Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it all away from you."
Grant Cardone
Bestselling author and real estate mogul
"Anyone who suggests you do less is either not a real friend or confused."
Warren Bufffett
Billionaire investor
"You know.. you keep doing the same things and you keep getting the same result over and over again."



Speed Dialer

Sync Technology

Speed SMS

Easy CRM

Notes and Reminders







Speed Dialer

Sync Technology

Speed SMS

Easy CRM

Notes and Reminders

SMS Campaigns

Voice Campaigns



The words:
"If i can only get more done in less time"


  • Developed our web console


    We noticed that we could find any complete solution to contact customers

  • We started planning our Android and iOS app


    Sales professionals are always on the go, and there is no real solution in the market for it

  • CRM


    We finished the new CRM idea simple and easy to use, we organize leads in 4 sections, Do not call, Call later, Sold and No answer

  • OMG no body in the market have a SMS solution


    After you selected No answer our system automatically will send a customized text message to the lead

  • No need for Voip


    We came into the conclusion that every sales professional has to be available directly to the customer, and we didnt need to provide a new phone line

  • We created Sync Technology


    Sync Technology will allow you to connect your phone and your pc, this way you will be able to add notes and control all your call session from your computer while talking in your cell phone

  • No company had Bulk text messages :(


    As always we want to create the best tool for you even if we rewrite all and start again, we include the Bulk SMS feature

  • Upload our first Android Version to the Play Store


  • Issues Uploading our first version to iOS


    iOS didnt allow us to have the automatic dialer, because they request a confirmation to call from the user, this was a big hit to us but we solved it making it easy to confirm manually and continue to the next lead

  • Our first website for customers


    We created an ugly website just to have a front end for our customers, now we are miles away from it

  • Signing Documents


    Again we noticed that is a need for most of the sales professionals to have a digital document signature feature and we started building a prototype code

  • We finished our SMS Bulk Feauture


    Today you are able to send any customized text message to a list from our app

  • Using our app we started giving away free licenses


    We needed feedback so we started giving away our software

  • We fixed a lot of bug issues


  • Vprofile


    Now all our accounts will have a mobile website easy to share with customers or to promote with all their info totally customizable

  • Meeting to improve our webservie


    We went all over our system to identified where can be improvements on the user interface

  • Initialization of Social Builder Tool


    You will be able to use our social builder tool for all your social media

  • Adding video filters to our web engine


    Adding video filters to all our Advansocial engine :)

  • Solved issues on our social engine


    Solved some small but very important issues to improve the quality of our Advansocial module

Text to us:
(424) 237 8844